Always use a Qualified Private Investigator

Shadow Sleuth Investigations was founded in 2013, what makes this business different from other Private Investigators is that the owner is a qualified Private Investigator. There are many Private Investigators in the industry today who are not qualified and who will literally take people’s hard earned money and cash and then provide the client with little to no results in their everyday problems. This is why you should always use a qualified individual as you could literally be throwing you’re hard earned money down the drain.
Private Investigation is all about gathering information for people to settle their everyday disputes. Be it matrimonial disputes, neighbour disputes, scams & fraud. You could even be required to trace someone’s cat or dog. The fact is you should never use an unqualified individual to deal with any of your Private Investigation needs. Hiring an unqualified individual could literally result in your case falling apart when it comes to prosecution or even being dismissed if the evidence provided isn’t timed & date stamped. Having worked for a number of Private Investigators in the UK, I am aware that there are many operatives in the industry today who literally operate like cowboys. Would you really trust these individuals to get a good result for you?
It is well known in the media today about all the bad operatives in Private Investigation that have hacked celebrity’s phones and laptops. This is highlighting the negative aspect of Private Investigation. You never hear about all the positive case’s that many decent Private Investigators solve. Private Investigation is a skilled profession many operatives have studied for hours on end to achieve that status. So people should be aware that Private Investigation is not a Public Service or free service, it is a service that requires a skilled operative to undertake. You wouldn’t want an unqualified plumber or builder doing repairs in your home, so why use an unqualified Private Investigator?? Having trained with the API Academy & IPI Institute, Shadow Sleuth Investigations knows what is required to achieve a great result for the customer. So please don’t waste your hard earned money on unqualified individuals always check that these individuals are qualified.


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