Topic Harassment Act 2017 & Masked Numbers

Topic Harassment Act 2017 & Masked Numbers

When dealing with masked numbers and nuisance calls & texts can prove to be quite disturbing and irritating to the recipient. What is shocking to discover is the fact that the police put this crime on a very low scale of 1-3, 1 being the level of importance of action. Having made over 25+ reports of harassment to the police Shadow sleuth Investigations has spent many hours reporting incidents of harassment and abuse. What people don’t realize is that the police do not take these reports seriously at all. If you are a woman however the police takes claims of harassment more seriously than a man. This by no means is to be taken as a sexist comment, it’s just facts.

The fact is people are using Apps like Spoof ID and other organizations to abuse the Telecommunications Act 1984. And the police will only advise the recipient to either change you’re number or block the individual.

The police have systems in place that will decrypt a private number, but if a masked number is used they have to use an App to decrypt the number. If a masked number is used the number will come up as a maritime location. The police will only do something if malicious action or intent is discovered. I.E a death threat or making threats outside your home address. There are resources available to report fake numbers but this is only a drop in the ocean. The police have contractual agreements with organizations like Tesco mobile where Tesco will actually decrypt a masked & private numbers. The fact is from a business perspective the interest of the victim isn’t taken to heart. And there are many police officers who will wash their hands of factual information claiming there isn’t enough evidence to convict the assailant.

The police’s whole moral compose is to protect & serve, but when it comes to the general public, many times I myself have witnessed cover ups. The fact is the police are exempt of negligence unless you contact organizations and solicitors who will help expose police negligence and abuse.

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