Effective Martial Art Systems Authentic JKD & British Kapap

Having spent many years training in martial arts since the tender age of 6. I am aware of styles that work and the styles that don’t. Having trained in Taekwondo, Kyu Shing Ru, Kickboxing, during my early teens I was studying the most effective styles for self-protection it wasn’t until I met Gary Payne of RSDA (realistic self-defense) that I realized what works on the streets and what doesn’t. I then moved to Northampton and started studying JKD/ITG Northampton with an individual who doesn’t want to associate with me at this current point in time. I trained with this individual for 8years only to be kept at the bottom of the class and not be developed or taken to the next step which is the instructor training. I recall being slapped over the head and told I quote
“This is your SAS Selection, and if you turn up late you can stay at home”
Now being a Catholic I’m not much of an early starter on Sunday morning as it’s a Day of Rest. I did however complete his RAT Rapid Assaults Tactics course plus 2 trips to Cornwall which he runs every October.

That being I then started training at the Rough & Ready in Northampton where a former Olympian trains you to an exemplary standard. Furthermore this individual develops you and pushes you forward.

Now I finish this blog with this there is a number of styles out there that will teach you absolute shait, that doesn’t help protect yourself on the streets. Boxing is a great style for self-protection, however when it comes to self-protection the best styles out there are Krav maga, British Kapap & Authentic JKD. Please view Paul Vunaks video on self-protection. And always question the instructors, sifu’s you train with, are they really out for your best interests & self-development?? Or they just businessmen wanting to make a profit out of your insecurities. A close friend of mine has quoted the origins of martial arts, and it was to teach people for free for self-protection purposes. Authentic Martial Arts that is taught by the Samurai & Bushido, is a way of life. It was originally taught to protect the weak from harm. I hope society will change and become less violent and problematic in time, but I have little faith in that!!

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