Online Dating Advice

  • Always be care when using this apps & dating agencies. As you have no clue who’s on the other end of the phone or text message you send out. People have spent hours speaking with scammers & potential honey trappers to be defrauded out of thousands of pounds worth of time & money.
  • Use your due diligence and observation skills to weed out people who will literally take you for an ride & back
  • If you suspect you’re being conned out of money & defrauded you could use the services of a Private Investigator to recover you’re money. available 24/7 #shadowsleuth investigations.
  • Or report the Profile straight away and see if the profile gets deleted from the profile database & featured on POF & Tinder which everyone uses today to get a date.
  • Don’t be taken for a ride if you feel you’re being let down by the police or someone owes you money hire a Private Investigator???
  • Be aware of all the different profiles & weirdoes on these sites. If there a transgender, crossdresser or frigging abnormality report them straight away.
  • Never tolerate any criminality or messing around
  • If a profile goes blank on WhatsApp that individual doesn’t trust you. As featured in the screenshot below .
  • Always report these profiles straightaway as they do not have your best interests at heart they are not your friend they are you’re enemy.
  • Lancords theory of interchange clearly states that any form of Criminality made has some form of criminal evidence left behind. Always cover you’re back and report criminals that are trying to mess you around. Especially on these sites they are masses amount of people and lunatics that won’t hesitate to stitch you up or take you for a ride. Happy dating!!

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