About Shadow Sleuth Investigations



Shadow Sleuth Investigations is based in Newport Wales situated near Cardiff this company has been running since 2013. And has vast experience working with a number of Private Investigators in the UK. Shadow Sleuth Investigations has a 100% success rate going above and beyond other Private Investigation agencies that are very money orientated charging extortionate rates that haven’t got the customers best interests at heart. You can rely on Shadow Sleuth Investigations to achieve a standard that is second to none. Shadow Sleuth Investigations are the UK version of cheaters using the latest techniques and technology to get the job done. When you do business with Shadow Sleuth Investigations you can rely on the service that is offered to you. The owner of Shadow Sleuth Investigations has over 10years experience in the security industry having worked with seasoned professionals across the UK. This individual is qualified under the Academy of Professional Investigators and Institute of Professional Investigators. He has also trained in JKD for 8 and half years and most recently trained in KAPAP with The British Kapap Association. This has allowed this individual to be extremely street smart and capable of defending himself lawfully if attacked.

Shadow Sleuth Investigations also offers security consultancy for any business that is losing money through shrinkage, through pilfering and can advise on how to better secure a home or business. And also use the latest techniques & methods that can be used to decrease loses in a company. Shadow Sleuth Investigations also can carry out Industrial Espionage to find out if your company’s employers are leaking information to your competitors that could be costing your company thousands of pounds.

You never know the person that you trust the most could be leaking information to your competitors that could be damaging your business. This could be hindering your business with devastating results. For example when Apple were using the same interface as Samsung, Samsung had to pay out millions in damages for plagiarism. So don’t be a victim hire a Private Investigator who has trained with the hardest bastards in the UK. Offering expert knowledge and advice. There’s no case I can’t solve!! If I’m struggling with a case I contact my contacts who can provide expert advice and knowledge. Shadow Sleuth Investigations also has a vast array of international contacts, who can be utilised at a moment’s notice.