Matrimonial Assignments



Shadow Sleuth Investigations are matrimonial experts having studied the key signs of cheating. Shadow Sleuth Investigations go above and beyond to discover information and intelligence on a cheating partner or spouse. Shadow Sleuth Investigations can also investigate individuals that are trying to catfish you or extort money out of you. Always beware that nowadays there are many Internet trawls out there and scammers that are out to scam people out their hard earned cash.





Shadow Sleuth Investigations has a vast array of experience having conducted surveillance on many individuals since it was founded in 2013. What many individuals don’t realise is that whilst conducting surveillance on an individual, it can be the equivalent of doing a full day’s work. All information on the subject of inquiry is recorded every 15 minutes with photographs taken every half an hour. These photographs are then time stamped & date stamped so they can be used as evidence in court.

Most times just by conducting surveillance on an individual you can find key details about the subject of inquiry which can solve many doubts of cheating or anti-social behaviour. Having had experience working in dodgy council estate areas Shadow Sleuth Investigations has the nerve and tenacity to achieve a great result for the client that is second to none. You can find out valuable information on your subject on inquiry that could prove vital to getting the result you require whether it is in everyday life or a court setting.





Tracing Missing People & Debtors


Shadow Sleuth Investigations offers a no trace no fee basis meaning if the client doesn’t get the information that they require the money they spent is then refunded. Shadow Sleuth Investigations doesn’t trace any individuals under 16years of age as this is a police matter and is against the law. Shadow Sleuth Investigations can also trace long lost relatives or maternal birth parents, with adoption cases this can be a little sticky. As adopted children are protected from being traced by Private Investigators, however there are systems in place to trace these individuals.

If the client requires a full background check on a subject of enquiry this can often take up to 3 hours to complete. This is often very time consuming and difficult using Open Source Intelligence skills & techniques to achieve this information. Private Investigation is now very much based on information gathering before a case is taken on. This can often contribute to a case being successful or unsuccessful. Shadow Sleuth Investigations can provide such information such as CCJ checks, credit history checks, deaths and marriage records, and even mobile verification information.



Process Serving



Often classed as the bread and butter of Private Investigation. Process Serving involves finding the individual for an outstanding debt or disagreement and serving documents on that individual. Process Serving doesn’t always necessary mean that an individual is in debt, it could mean that this individual is guilty of domestic violence or child abuse. In this case they would be served with a non-molestation order, child protection order, or even a restraining order. To prevent any parties being injured or abused.

Insurance Investigation


Insurance Investigation


Shadow Sleuth Investigations can provide investigation into accidents conducting locus reports, and all manners of investigation into the causes of the accident that occurred. This can often prove very lengthily and time consuming however the end result can often turn out well for the client. Shadow Sleuth Investigations can also investigate individuals who have made false insurance claims, where the individual has claimed more money than they should do. This is counted as fraud. Once a false insurance claim is discovered the insurance company can then take the necessary steps to retrieve the money that has been claimed in a court of law or an outside settlement can be made.

GPS Tracking

Often when an individual is cheating on you they will act completely out of character being extremely protective of their mobile phone and overly particular about their appearance. This is a tell tell sign of cheating. With Shadow Sleuth Investigations a device can be placed on the subject of inquiries car and then monitored. If the subject of inquiry frequents at a particular address you will then know that this individual is not being entirely honest with you. So then surveillance can be commenced to prove that this individual is cheating on you. A breakup can often prove completely heart-breaking and devastating to an individual. Don’t be made to look like an idiot, get the result you need and put all your suspicions to rest. Shadow Sleuth Investigations uses Gotek Prime devices to track the subject of inquiries location this device is very durable and accurate. This device can even monitor the speed that the individual is drives at, using pinpoint technology to give you an up to date location on the individual you are monitoring.


Fraud Investigation & Scams



If you’re a victim of fraud or an online scam. Shadow Sleuth Investigations can look into the source of the fraud. You wouldn’t believe this but often the most trustworthy operative such as an accountant can be the root cause of your business going south. They can often be drawing huge amounts of money and causing the business to go into liquidation because of their actions. So don’t be a victim hire a private investigator. Shadow Sleuth Investigations offers a 100% success rate that is second to none.

There are always new scams being made up daily such as PayPal Scams, Online Bank Fraud and cons that would literally make your head spin.

One of the latest scam’s is where a picture of your credit or debit card is taken and then these individuals then use this information to make online purchases such as the latest gadgets or clothes or even do their weekly food shop. You will be amazed at the latest scams that the criminals use. Another one of the latest scams are swipe card scams, where the individual uses a device that grabs the victims bank details card such as credit and then uses this information to go and make online purchases. Just recently there was a documentary chronicling this activity. This scam is counted as a very sophisticated scam, so beware of this scam.

Another more recent scam is where criminals walk around a neighbourhood and use a device that unlocks your cars vehicle remotely, the criminal then gets into the vehicle and drives off with your prized possession. So if you see these individuals operating around your area report them immediately to the police.



Honey Trapping



This is the oldest trick in the Private Investigators arsenal which can be proven as an essential method for catching out a cheater. It can be viewed as extremely controversial method for catching out a cheater, but that as it is it can prove extremely beneficial to the client.

At this point in time would you say they are truly are marriage material? As 60% of men cheat and 45% of ladies cheat, why proceed with months of agonising deceit and hurt? Get the results you need and the outcome you need. Relationships that go south can cost you a thousand pounds, so why be a casualty get the outcome you require. Don’t let the person you once loved and cherished ruin your life. Get the information you need to either to fix your relationship or walk away. Honey Trapping involves using a good-looking male or female to snare your husband, wife or spouse. The person is then lead into a hotel room thinking they are getting lucky when in fact they are being completely coerced into cheating. This can be clear sign of cheating, this information is then given to the client the client can then makes the decision whether he or she wants to stay with this individual or start a new relationship.